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Friday, May 8, 2020

android apps for video editing

best free video editing Android apps

You shots the videos and wished to post on social media platform like instagram ,tiktok, YouTube and so on. You wished you could make it more interesting on Android Phone. Video editing is easy task, and not everyone has the time or patience to sit down and develop the skill.You cannot even get an experience close to it, but smartphones can do basic video editing. You can use it for editing videos to post on social media.

While there are a vast number of video editing software available for free video editor apps for Android smartphones are available on the Google Play Store.

best video editing Android apps

  • YouCut
  • VivaVideo
  • PowerDirector
  • Filmingo
  • KineMaster
  • FilmoraGo
  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Funimate
  • Moviemaker
  • Magisto
  • VideoShot

Detail Description of Video editing Apps


free android apps for video editing
YouCut has the most useful features that other video editor for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or movie maker app have, but Youcut is free Android app.It can merge multiple video clips into one video. It is a pro video maker for YouTube app, helps combine and compress your videos without losing quality.Even Trim and cut the video to the length you need. Export video in HD quality.  Split and slice video into two separate video clips. Brand new fast/slow motion feature, adjust video speed with video filters and effects.

Here Click to Download YouCut


free android apps for video editing
VivaVideo is one of the most popular video editing app that works especially well for short clips for social media. Using a storyboard style of editing, clips can be loaded, edited, trimmed, and merged together. With over 200 video filters, text input, and fast / slow motion support. And create professional-looking videos story with few taps. One of the mostly downloaded Android app for video editing in 2019.

Here Click to Download VivaVideo


free android apps for video editing

Magisto app comes with some feature here you just, choose an editing style, such as Traveler, Fashion, or Country. Secondly, add the photos and video footage that you like to include in your video, and then pick a music track from Magisto’s built-in library. Finally, using AI, this intuitive app will automatically edit and create your video. Plus, the results are pretty impressive. Magisto can save you plenty of time and deliver a professional looking video.                                                                      

If you like the app, you can also upgrade to the Premium or Professional plans for a small monthly fee. These plans provide more features, like longer videos and specific marketing functions, such as the ability to export directly to Facebook’s ads manager.Here Click to Download Magisto

Here Click to Download Magisto


free android apps for video editing

FilmoraGo is a solid free video editing app without any watermarks or paid subscriptions. The app is perfect for Instagram or tiktok, but also creates audience-ready videos for a variety of other platforms.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The app allows you to incorporate your own music or racks from their built-in library. You can also add transitions, overlay themes, and trim video clips. Plus, you can add text and titles to your videos.

Here Click to Download FilmoraGo


free android apps for video editing
Kinemaster‘s intuitive interface makes mobile video editing easy. Well, as easy as it can be. The app allows you to edit clips together like you would on most desktop video editing programs.

You can also add effects, text, and music. The app allows you to record audio to add to your video, and there’s plenty of music and sound effects on the KineMaster Asset Store.

Here Click to Download Adobe Premiere Clip

6.Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a very popular free video editing app. This app links into Adobe’s well-known Premiere Pro product but works equally well as a standalone app. The app provides two editing modes: Freeform and Automatic. Freeform allows you to retain the most control over your edit, and Automatic lets Adobe trim your clips and add transitions to speed up the editing process.

You can also automatically color-correct your clips, add your own music to your videos, images or choose music from the built-in library.

Here Click to Download Adobe Premiere Clip

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