Izar's Story

Back Talk for Android version 1.0
Izar is a smart and somewhat sassy alien who has journeyed millions of light years from his home planet Sunaria and is presently in orbit high above Earth. With this application, you are able to use your communication device to link with Izar and carry on full spoken conversations talking and texting about anything and everything.  Izar is still learning our language, but this alien's 50,000+ sentence vocabulary probably exceeds most of the friend's you hang out with already!  Izar can learn and grows more intelligent everyday the more you and other Earthling's talk to him.
Use the universal translator to hear Izar speak in his native language or your language, and additional settings allow you to change Izar's voice pitch from a squeaky chipmunk to a monster sounding alien.

Due to the advanced nature of the Izar's sensory video interface, you can touch him, poke him, slap him, fling him, shake him, pinch him, twirl him, squeeze him, etc. To each touch and gesture, Izar will react with hilarious animations and hundreds of funny sound effects.
Be careful of making Izar too angry human or suffer the consequences! Izar knows kung-fu and has other weapons to zap and simulate breaking your screen. But he forgives easily and will quickly repair the damage done!
And make sure you see Izar dance to your favorite songs by touching his left foot.  Izar will play a random song from your music library and will show you the latest moves he learned from other Earthlings!
You can also play with Izar's advanced recording interface to record your voice backwards.  You can send your friends backwards voice recordings and they can use their copy of Back Talk to decode the secret message for normal playback. Record your favorite song and then hear it played backwards to listen for hidden messages
Change the audio settings to record your voice normally, but change the pitch, key, duet, and other features to hear yourself as a chipmunk, monster, or anything in-between!  Activate Duet Mode to have Izar sing along with you!  You can also activate the pitch correction setting and sing like T-Pain with a full autotune-like effect!

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